Karting Colorado (2023)

A documentary about how the experiences of Tony Aaron II, a 37 year old black man, Spencer Smith, a 14 year old aspiring professional racer, and others, intertwine as they participate in 2022 local and national races. Along the way we speak about the lack of diversity in racing and its effect on Tony’s experience and empowering young people as we see new parts of Colorado and create memories racing for our goals.

A Winter's Journey (2023)

A documentary about nature’s beauty and the athletic and cultural struggle of a black man moving to Colorado to take up snowboarding at 37 years old.

Concerned Global Citizens (2023)

Summer of 2021 Tony Aaron II and Chris Carthern began traveling around the world making a documentary about the effects of climate change on popular tourist destinations and the locals who live there.

Murder at the Mechanics Institute: A Country of Coups (2023)

Mystery Dinner Studios team up with Villanova University history professor William Horne to explore the historical events of the 1866 racist murders at the Mechanics Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana and the through line of violent acts and policies in the history of the United States to the present.

Mahogany Mermaid: Aliyah Griffith (2023)

Marine Science PhD Student and National Geographic Explorer Aliyah Griffith tells the story of her journey to become the first black woman to graduate from the UNC marine biology program with a PhD and her attempts to bring a more efficient method of surveying coral reefs to the shores of her native island of Barbados.

The Team

Tony Aaron II and Chris Carthern are co-executive producers, best friends, and social justice advocates that have devoted their careers to self-producing diverse, woke, incisive, and insightful content with the uncompromising intention of permanently changing the world for all underrepresented peoples. #BlackLivesMatter #ProportionalRepresentationNow

Tony Aaron II

Director ∙ Cinematographer ∙ Editor ∙ Composer ∙ Executive Producer

Chris Carthern

Executive Producer ∙ Location Sound Recordist

Allison Ewing

Associate Executive Producer ∙ Casting Producer

Otis Jones


Redditt O. Hudson

Police Reform Consultant ∙ Retired Police Officer

Brian Bradford

Mentor ∙ Retired CBS Paramount Executive

Chrissy Stroop

LGBTQIA Activist ∙ Ex-Evangelical Writer

Rev. Benjamin Perry

Religious Progressive ∙ Religion Consultant

Heather Taylor

Police Reform Consultant ∙ Retired Detective Sargent

Aliyah Griffith

Marine Science PhD Student ∙ National Geographic Explorer

Guillermo Schöning

Intern ∙ Camera Operator ∙ Still Photographer

William Horne

Villanova University History Professor ∙ Historical Researcher

executive produced by CHRIS CARTHERN and TONY AARON II
associate executive produced by ALLISON EWING and SEAN NEVILLE
edited by TONY AARON II  score composed by OTIS JONES and TONY AARON II
directed by TONY AARON II  cinematography by TONY AARON II  camera operator CHRIS CARTHERN